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We pride ourselves on being a sustainable salon. In 2019, salon owner, Katie visited Costa Rica, and whilst there, visited the incredible rainforests, seeing nature at its most beautiful. Learning from locals and seeing just how conscious they were at preserving such beauty, Katie knew she had to change her throw-away habits and bring these measures home. 

For us, sustainable means we do all we can to recycle all of our waste, we use as little single use plastics, reduce our waste and offset our carbon emissions.

In 2019 we joined 'Sustainable Nantwich' in eradicating at least three pieces of single use plastics from our business. We successfully became the first business in Nantwich to be part of the scheme, and continue to fully support the movement. 

In 2020 we joined 'Offset Earth' and pledged to offset our carbon footprint. Offset Earth plant trees & fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions. You can take a look at just how many trees have been planted on behalf of HAIRHAUS under their logo on this page. 

2020 also brought us to the 'Green Salon Collective.' This means that our hair and metal waste is now collected and recycled by the company. To find out exactly what they do with your old hair cuttings check out their page here;

Not only that but we eradicated things like coffee pods, disposable towels, plastic milk bottles, non recyclable foil. 

We make fresh coffee with ground beans, we reuse and launder towels with our local launderette. We buy our milk from local farms in glass bottles which are then returned to source. We use recyclable foil for highlighting and colouring.

We only recycle our waste, we have no general waste bin, which means every colour tube, peroxide bottle and can of hairspray can be recycled. 

We compost hair cuttings as well as coffee and tea waste. 

We reduce our energy by turning off appliances when they're not in use. 

We continue to strive to be more sustainable, and believe by making small changes we can have a huge impact in the future of our planet.

Sustainable Salon Nantwich
sustainable salon nantwich