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A little bit about me... 

*If you would like to book an appointment with Joanne, Kaye or Rose then please click the link below where you will be able to book a service with them online.* 


If you've taken a look at some of my work, love what I do and you've decided to make the steps to becoming a client of mine, then hi! I can't wait to meet you!

I have been in the hairdressing industry for 12 years and a salon owner for 9 of those. During those years I have worked very hard to become the artist I am today. Throughout that time I have gained experience in some of the reasons that clients, just like yourself have decided to leave their hair stylist and try somewhere new. 

In my experience in listening to many of you, a fundamental part of the hair service wasn't quite nailed properly, leaving your hair expectations, hopes and dreams shattered. 

And it may not be what you think... it's the initial consultation.

So I have decided to change how I work and ultimately try and give you what you've been missing all this time. I'm not here to over promise on your hair goals, I'm here to get to know you, work with you and take you on a journey where someday, we can achieve your dream hair!

Still reading? Great!

Just like when you begin a relationship with somebody, you might go on a first date, where you'll vet the other person, and get to know who they are, their likes, dislikes and decide if they're the right match for you. We should look at the hairdresser/ client relationship the same.

A quick 5 minute consultation surely can't be enough to decide whether you wanna jump straight in and trust this brand new person with your hair?! 

Are you starting to see just why its not worked out with previous stylists before? And let me clarify, I'm not trying to downplay any other hair stylist, we all need change for the good of the hair industry and to regain client trust in the long run. 

'How do I book one of these bespoke consultations?' I hear you cry...

Simply click the link where it will take you to our booking system and select the consultation you require, if its for colour then select the 30 minute consultation, and if its just for a cut then select the 15 minute consultation. (If you'd love both cut and colour, hit the 30 minute consultation). 

Once you have successfully booked your consultation you will be sent a form for you to fill in before your appointment so that we can sit down at your consultation and discuss all of your hair goals, your hair history and your potential hair future, your likes, your dislikes and really get to know each other. And this before I even take a look through your hair!

A 30 minute consultation is £30 and a 15 minute consultation is £15. A quote for exactly what we will book you in for will be offered to you at the end of the consultation and you can decide whether you would like to go ahead and book with me. 

Please be aware that although a consultation can be arranged quite quickly, there could be a wait for your first appointment, it could be weeks or months in some cases. If so then all of your consultation details and allergy testing will be saved and kept on record. Of course you are allowed to change your mind on what we have discussed but I would ask for at least one week's notice before the appointment to let me know. 

If you are flexible with days and times that could allow me to fit you in sooner, and I sometimes get cancellations where you could be asked at short notice to come for your appointment. I have the facility to 'work from HAIRHAUS' with a comfortably positioned desk and free wifi so you never need to let work stop you from having beautiful hair!  

If you're still invested in becoming a client of mine or have any questions, please fill out the contact form below and ask me anything. Alternatively you can hit the button and book your consultation right now.

Thank you for reading and I really do look forward to meeting you. 

Katie x

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