HAIRHAUS Re Opens...

So I've been busy getting ready for our reopening date. As it stands it will be 4th July, this could change, but that's what I have been aiming towards.

This blog post is not about rebooking appointments or how you can keep your hair looking fresh, it is about how we will go about our new normal and return to HAIRHAUS safely and responsibly.

I urge you to please read this blog, although its not exactly exciting, its essential that we all follow these new rules so that we all know how to conduct ourselves within the salon when we re open.

Firstly, at any one time there will only be one stylist working in the salon. This will allow us to have two clients in rotation (as we have always practised) at once. The salon size allows for us to seat one client in the front chair and the second in the back chair. Both clients will not be able to move around the salon, unless its to use the loo.

When you arrive for your appointment you will have you temperature read, if it is above 37.5 you will be asked to go home and rebook after at least two weeks. If you have any symptoms I urge you to please rearrange, do not come to the salon, I will accept late cancellations for this purpose and will be happy to rearrange.

We won't be able to allow you to sit in the waiting area, therefore I ask that you arrive for your appointment only at the time of your appointment. If you are early, you will have to wait outside.

We also won't permit any walk-in appointments or appointment making. Please feel free to email us with any queries at

You will be asked to wash your hands upon entering, the facilities are to the back of the salon. We will also provide hand sanitiser at each hairdressing station.

Each hair station will have it's own equipment trolley which will not move from one client to the next, but will remain in place with it's own equipment, brushes and aprons. Each station will have its own cleaning products and will be cleaned and sanitised between each client.

There will be a one-gown-per-client rule and as normal a one towel-per-client rule. These will be washed with disinfectant after every shift.

We believe that we'll have to wear protective masks and that as a client you will be required to as well. These will be available to you at the door upon entering. You and I will have to wear them for the remainder of your visit. I will be changing mine between each client. I will also be wearing and changing disposable gloves between clients.

The hair washing, backwash area, card machine, till area and other high trafficked zones will also be sanitised between each client. The sofa is out of bounds, as is the waiting area.

We sadly won't be able to provide drinks or magazines, we will welcome you to bring your own but please take any waste home with you.

Please bear in mind that we will have to book out time in between clients to be able to thoroughly clean our stations so a normal day will no doubt take longer.

After having a ponder as to how we cover the cost of PPE and the extra equipment we've had to buy, I've decided to keep my prices the same but ask that you bring £1 with you to pop in our PPE box when collecting your mask. This will cover the cost of our recent outlay.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to booking you back in. Please hold tight, don't DIY your own hair (unless its with a root colour recommended by me) and rest assured that you will be seen to in time. Bear with us, its going to be a long road to getting you all back to normal (hair wise!) we will do everything we can to make you feel good again!

As soon as BoJo gives us a confirmed date you will receive either a phone call or message from me to rebook. So there is no need to worry, I will look after you all in due time.

So much love,

Katie x

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