How to Eliminate Colour Fade without Spending a Fortune in just 14 Days!

Whether your hair colour is vibrant or on the natural side of the colour chart, colour fade is real... 😭

Now, we know its been a hot minute since you've had hair professionally coloured, but since you have some time to plan your next cut, colour and everything in between, nows the time to hot up on the essential information your hair colourist WANTS you to know.

So, you invest in your colourist, achieve dream colour status and leave the salon feeling fab! But then you dread weeks 3-6

before returning for a refresh... there must be a better way!

Hint... there is!

Here are HAIRHAUS' top 5 tips for keeping that post-salon colour freshness dream alive!

1. Don't let your stylist use hairspray after having your hair coloured. This is because hairspray contains alcohol and can open up the cuticle allowing the colour to slip out, be strong and just say no!

2. Use cool(er) water when washing your hair. This is especially great for those with vibrant colours, the colder the water the less your colour will fade, again this is because the cuticle opens with warmer water and colour is likely to rinse out. Think about what you've always learned about your skin care routine and how cold water closes your pores; well you can use the same rule for you hair! Keep cool and stay bright!

3. Stay off the heat tools when you can. Heat tools can reach temperatures of up to 230 degrees, boy that's hot! Not only can you apply what you've learned in point 2 but also, this kind of heat causes serious damage to your hair. The more porous and scorched the less chance your strands have of holding onto it's colour. Think of it like this; strong muscly bodies can hold onto a heck of a lot more than weak and unhealthy ones... keep your hair away from the heat, protected and strengthened and you will hold on to more of your colour for longer 💪 Try going 2-3 days without using your styling tools, or turn the temperature down (most appliances have this feature nowadays) and invest in a good heat protection spray- evo's Icon Welder is perfect for added protection. Spray onto damp hair before blow-drying and styling et voila! Protection from the inside!

Look out for Icon Welder on our online store coming very soon!


This is THE EASIEST way of eliminating colour fade! Cheap shampoos from your local supermarket or as we like to call them, 'off the shelf' stores, contain sulphates, silicones and parabens, these chemicals are used to bulk out the product allowing the manufacturer to make more and sell for super cheap. What this means for your hair is that it gains a gross coating which can literally be scraped off the surface (google it)... ick! Not only that but these harsh chemicals STRIP YOUR COLOUR AWAY 😱

So in trying to save money and buying cheaper products you're actually wasting your hard earned money that you spent getting your colour done in the first place, sounds silly when you really think about it?! If you choose to spend more on your professional colour, then you should maintain this care and attention at home with a colour preserving shampoo and conditioner duo, and keep your colour fresh for at least 6 weeks. There is so much more VALUE in investing in home care maintenance.

All of HAIRHAUS' shampoo and conditioners available to buy online are all colour-safe as standard but we particularly recommend R+Co's Gemstone colour collection, with an added, colour protection complex, this nourishing shampoo and conditioner is designed to protect and prolong the vibrancy of your shade. It also balances the scalp, tames frizz and seals split ends.

Simply click on the product to begin your longer lasting colour journey!

5. Top up the tone at home! Ever feel like the tone of your hair has gone a bit lack lustre? And by tone, let me explain, this is colour that the eye is drawn to first, for example, reds, coppers, golds, purples, cool smokey hues to name a few, and these tones vary throughout different depths of colour, from dark to light.

Every colour could use a helping hand along the way and you shouldn't be shy of topping up at home. As a colour expert I educate my colour clients to use toning conditioners at home. These products are nourishing, colour rich conditioners for easy use as you would a 'normal' conditioner.

Theres a colour for everyone, whether your blonde fades to a nasty yellow, your caramel turns orange or your brown goes slightly reddish. Instead of adding more colour molecules and harsh peroxide, use a caring and maintaining home care product such as evo FABULOSO. Think of it as make up for your hair, just as you would enhance your natural skin colouring with a bronzer or a blusher, you can enhance your hair colour too! You could even go for a change and try turning your blonde into a caramel or minky beige whilst you're in between salon visits. These products are super fun!

Simply click the snaps below to see for yourself!

OK. So now you're armed with all the information you need to keep your colour lasting in between salon visits, you could even start your new routine whilst in quarantine! Your colourist will definitely thank you upon your return 😃

A big thank you to Will over at for the fabulous product shots for our online store. If you're searching for a great photographer then hit these guys up!

Here's to gorgeous hair colour forever more!

Lotsa Love,

Katie x