October Balayage

Ok, let’s mention Christmas. You’ve realised you’re but two pay days away from the festive season and the onslaught of gift buying as well as beautifying yourself is beginning to hit home.  October is a notoriously quiet month for hair and beauty salons alike, you plan to a tee how your money will be spent and decide to wait for the all important Christmas doo (and by doo I mean hair!) as close to Crimbo as possible. So does everyone else by the way... and Alas you come to book and ah we’re chocker block!  Now for the meticulously organised woman’s secret... a beautiful balayage in October! Balayage is a technique to enhance your natural colour and brighten and contour areas without looking fake and in most cases not painted right to the root.  This means a long lasting, future proof colour. And with a little toning upkeep at home in the shower (it’s that easy) you’ll still be looking hot to trot for the all important Christmas doo (and by doo I mean party!)  We’re taking bookings now for October and you can get at least one thing ticked off the list weeks before panic mode sets in!  Need some essential balayage inspo? Let us give you everything you need to know and ask for as well as a little trend forecasting for the most current looks of the season...  Autumnal warmth comes in more than just red;  Enhance your natural warmth and add golden/ yellow tones to your balayage pieces. Think crisp autumn leaf, without looking like a vibrant punky yellow. This tone is super chic and the hottest trend this season. These tones suit darker hair on a more warm or red base.  Make your brunette mink! Ask for beige and mink tones to add to your chocolate brown locks a la Alexa Chung and keep it fresh at home with evo fabuloso light beige toning conditioner. NB This tone only works on lightest blonde pieces.  Cool blondes aren’t just for the beach! Icey blondes never go out of style especially in the cold winter months. Ask for a full head of foils from our Aussie Blonde expert Hayley on your next appointment and keep it cool at home with fabuloso fave ‘platinum’ conditioner. Hayley is offering 20% off colour on Wednesdays. It’s essential you look after your freshly coloured hair especially for your upcoming festive schedule. We recommend using the best in shampoo and conditioners, our exclusive R+Co range of the above will keep your colour from fading with no parabens or sulphites. Why not try The Gemstone colour range or for the most expensive looking blondes, Sunset Blvrd light toning shampoo and conditioner.  As mentioned above, keep your tone fresh with our evo fabuloso range of toning conditioners. They can also help beat the bank if you’re on a budget, and speaking of which...  Budget Beautifying You’re a hot mama who needs to look good, but the upcoming chrissy present buying is taking up most of your purse innards. Fear not! After the school run on Thursday, hop in with either Jo or Kaye who’ll hook you up with fresh locks for less. Go for the chop or get that all important colour injection you’ve been wanting so much.  Trying to stretch your summer balayage out but craving a change? Add a fabuloso toning conditioner to your routine. Turn your now brassy ends caramel or even brave the copper- perhaps even darken your balayage with chestnut tones. For just £20 this could be your saviour for this time of year!  Healthy hair will keep your colour lasting longer and looking brighter. Stylist and Colourist Jess recommends using Innoluxe Elixr as part of your hair care routine, ‘use a ten pence piece sized amount and massage through mid lengths and ends after every shampoo for super healthy, shiny hair’. Reverse damage and repair from the inside whilst adding shine on the outside. Also ask for Innoluxe to be added to your colour service for the best in colour service.  HAIRHAUS is open Tuesday to Saturday, offering late nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday until 9pm. Book your Balay (or anything else) today by sending us a DM or picking up the phone.  Pop in for any more info on the above and mostly have a great end to 2018 and end it with great hair!  Let’s chat soon,  Katie x 

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